• Balcony is a non-bookable area.
      • Minimum spend required for private room bookings.
      • Bookings are held for 30 minutes after booked time, at which point a courtesy call is attempted, on failure booking is cancelled.
      • Bookings of 12 or more require a deposit on request.
      • None of the following is allowed DBA:
        • No Decor, No Balloons, No Accessories.
        • No Corkage Option.
      • Following is allowed on notification:
        • Flowers, Cake, Photographer, Table Drape.
        • Photography only allowed in private rooms.
        • Email your best table draped picture and selected pictures will be
          posted on our web site.
      • Bookings of 12 or more carry a 10% service charge (2 waitrons).

We try to maintain a relaxed, chilled environment for the pleasure of all patrons at all times. Thank you for your support, and please enjoy your booking.