Warm welcome to Fire & Vine

Situated at Athlone Circle shopping centre, providing an easy go to location for most that are live-in or passers by of Pietermaritzburg.
The name Fire & Vine is derived from the fire on our grills and the vines of our wines. From the start our vision has been to create a dining experience with an attitude that food is not only about eating, it is about socialising and being with the people you care about. Bringing together families, friends and colleagues from all walks of life. We have developed a vibe as unique as the location we are situated on. It is a place that gives a welcoming feel to guests looking for a spot to relax and have a great meal.
Our “modern classic style” and multi-cultural charm gives our restaurant an aura that is special and unique. Adding to the feel, is our motivation to present beautiful food that is full of flavour with varying taste profiles. The quality of our food served is extremely important to us and only the best ingredients are used and sourced from local suppliers and farms. We prepare all our food preservative free and full of goodness and if a certain dish does not meet your expectation, hopefully you will find a favourite amongst our many offerings.
All our staff are well trained, helpful and friendly. They go the extra mile to make your experience with us a memorable one. We are a dedicated team who always have their minds focused on giving you the best possible service. We try to maintain a relaxed, chilled environment for the pleasure of all patrons at all times. Thank you for your support, and please enjoy your stay.
Conference Room


Need a meeting space?

We have two private rooms with a projector which is available at no cost when booked.

One room can take 14 people and the other room 40 people.

Elevate your corporate meetings and why not have a scrumptious breakfast or lunch or  even both.